Hands-On Training: Build Entitlement Processes to Reach Your SLAs

This hands-on training will help you learn how to use the built-in Salesforce entitlement process to generate milestones on your support cases to help you meet your SLAs


By the end of this hands-on training you should be understand concepts and be able to perform the following tasks

  • Understand what SLAs are and how they can be used in your organization
  • What business hours are and how they differ from real world hours
  • How to use holidays with your business hours
  • How to enable entitlement management for your organization
  • How to build and configure milestones, entitlement processes and mileston actions
  • How to create entitlements and how to use them with cases

Video Recording

This hands-on training was delivered in 2015 at Dreamforce and was also recorded professionally by Salesforce University. You can follow along with the recording below.