Frank's 2000" TV

One day I had a Shower Thought™. If you were to try to buy a 2000" TV today, how much would it cost and how much would it weight.

If you're not familiar, Frank's 2000" TV is the title of a song from "Weird Al" Yankovic's 1993 album Alapalooza. In which the song's titular Frank buys (you guessed it) a 2000" TV.

So I decided I'd try my hand and figuring this out based on data I could glean from current TV sizes and prices. To do this I took used the Best Buy API to pull down all of the televisions they have in their database and then get the price, weight and size1. Then taking that data I transformed it into two data sets, price vs size and weight vs size. Then taking that data I inserted it into Highcharts using a regression library2 to get a best fit line. I tried a couple of different line models until I found what I think is the best fit3.


1,198,195.26 lbs

To get the data from the Best Buy API I made two queries (five if you count the ones used to get the pagination results)

List all categories

curl "$API_KEY&show=id,name"

List all products in that category

curl ",sku,salePrice,,details.value&format=json&pageSize=100&page=1&apiKey=$APIKEY"

Best fit lines

After pushing the data into Highcharts and running the regression library2 I got the following formulas

1 Since I did this in an automated fashion some of the entries were not formatted consistantly and so I threw them out. For example some of the sizes were denoted as 54-1/2 instead of 54.5 and rather than code up all the possibilities, I just removed them

2 The regression charting library was developed by Ignacio Vazquez and can be found on GitHub

3 I am not a mathmatician and I've not taken statistics in a long time. I only tried a couple of different formulas and eyeballed their matches